January 6, 2020

A 2015 survey by insurance firm Endsleigh found that nearly eight out of ten (77%) students are working part-time. With more and more students working to fund their studies and enhance their work experience here are 6 tips for university students writing a CV.

1. Make your CV stand out

The average employer spends less than 30 seconds reviewing a CV for the first time - so it is important to make a great first impression. Keep your CV to two A4 pages - there are lots of free templates online that incorporate style and design.

2. Include all your experience

One of the big dilemmas for students is how to demonstrate experience when you’re applying for your first job. The answer is that you probably have more experience than you realise. So be sure to include things like work placements, volunteering, and charity work.

3. Demonstrate teamwork and leadership

Every employer is looking for team players who are going to fit into the work environment. So when you’re writing a student CV be sure to demonstrate strong communication and leadership skills. Employers will be looking out for this like being part of a student society or sports team and experience of working with people from diverse backgrounds and different personalities. 

4. Commercial awareness

As well as demonstrating skills such as cash handling and time management, a good university student CV should seek to demonstrate business and commercial acumen. Ensure your CV stands out by demonstrating that you understand a potential employer's business, the market and how your experience is relevant to their success. 

5. Include the essentials

It’s important to ensure you include relevant contact information but don’t overshare. Include the town or city you live in, but it’s not necessary to provide you address unless requested. Likewise never include a photo but instead, include a link to your LinkedIn profile.

6. Ask your personal tutor to act as a Reference

Avoid asking friends or family to act as a reference. Instead, meet with your tutor and ask if they’d provide a short Reference confirming that you are a university student, your course of study and information such as attendance and academic performance.

6 tips for university students writing a CV

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