January 6, 2020

Meeting new people can be daunting. Living with them can be downright terrifying. So what should you do if you don’t like your Uni flatmates?

While universities do their best to match first-year undergraduates with people on similar courses and interests, ultimately it’s a matter of luck and what you make of it that will determine if you get on.

Here are Coursematch’s top tips if you’re having a hard time getting along with your Uni flatmates:

Don’t give up on trying to make things work

First off - friendships aren’t usually made in a day. If you’re finding it hard to get along, then take time to talk to them. Making time to hang out and do something fun like exploring the city or going for dinner or a coffee will show to everyone that you’re making an effort.

Apply for a single ensuite room 

Many arguments start over the shared bathroom. So if you’re particularly sensitive to grime, mess and low queues for the shower then strongly consider the benefits vs cost of having your own ensuite.

Join a club or society

While universities try and match students, you’re more likely to find people with shared interests by joining a university club or society. Participating in activities and socials will help you build a friendship group and will mean less time in your flat. It’s a win-win.

Get to know your coursemates

Getting to know your course mates can be vital to a healthy and product time at university. You’ll regularly need to partner up for group assignments, share course notes and have a revision buddy. So if things at home aren’t great having friends around Campus can help lighten the load.

Move in with new friends for your second year

The thing with flatmates is that you probably won’t all live together next year anyway. In a hall of residence with 10 students in every corridor, you’ll almost certainly split up into several shared houses or flats for the second year. So having first met in October and spent a few weeks apart over Christmas, by March you’re already looking for your next home - this time with people you get to choose. So if you’re finding things are tough then one option is to start speaking to friends you’ve made around Campus about sharing in the second year.

Speak to the Student Advice Centre and your Personal Tutor

If your problems are becoming more severe and are impacting your happiness, mental health or academics it’s important to speak to the Student Advice Centre or your personal tutor who can offer advice on practical steps you can take.

Move halls or into private rented accommodation

If you’re struggling to find alternatives it is worth approaching the Student Accommodation Service or your Private Rented Halls provider and ask them about vacancies in other halls or in nearby flatshares. Whilst this might immediately resolve the issues with existing flatmates it does mean you will have to go through the experience of meeting new people and making friends all over again.

Look at renting your own studio apartment

If living with other people is just not for you - then consider the options of renting a small studio flat. While most students will struggle to afford this option, many landlords offer short-term lets of 3-6 months but for a premium price. This might provide a short term solution.

What to do if I don’t like my university flatmates?

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